Community Hub


In early April 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our online Community Hub which brings information and initiatives being run by the local community, councils and other organisations together in one place.

The Community Hub is now full of information and initiatives which aim to provide local residents and businesses with contacts for local advice, support groups and community aid, alongside some virtual fun, creative and at-home activities.

The hub includes online activities and virtual local events taking place including:

  • Story time for children, run by local libraries 
  • Online theatre performances   
  • Local food delivery, recipe and takeaway inspiration 
  • Virtual arts and crafts and learning videos   
  • Details of the various community aid initiatives on offer 
  • Parenting tips and home schooling activities 
  • Information about how residents can volunteer to help in the wider community 
  • Details signposting residents to official, up-to-date advice hosted on the Council website

Click here to visit our Community Hub.

If you’re interested in promoting any community aid initiatives or offering a virtual class/activity on the Community Hub please let us know by emailing