Our Local Community

Our pop-up high street on Lillie Road, is home to London’s biggest pub garden, alongside a curated mix of independent retailers and artisans, as well as The Pop Up’, a free, temporary retail space that aims to support and grow new local businesses.

Abdi Aden - Listening to the voice of local youth

Tell us about ECYC’s involvement in the Hoarding art project?
Development Company commissioned a company called Global Street Art to create workshops and art competitions with us in 2020. They wanted our young people to work on the art that is displayed now on Lillie Road, in front of West Brompton station.

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Nicky Redford - Pedal Back Cycling, Lillie Road

What’s your favourite thing about doing what you do?
When people drop in and show us the passion projects that they've spent years on. The nice thing is that people want to come in and talk about what they're doing. So we do see some really lovely bikes that people have just put their heart and soul into.

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The Hoarder

You’ve got an unusual selection of booze…
We have soft drinks and different kinds of beer. Australian drinks. CBD in some of them. Peach ginger. We have kombucha which is actually live, you can see the fungus inside and because it's live we have to keep it in the fridge. Otherwise they will explode. And we have a huge number of different kinds of water.

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North End Road Market

Hammersmith and Fulham’s North End Road Market has been at the centre of our local community for over 130 years. Today, you’re likely to find stalls that have been ran by the same family for generations. Recognised as a place for people, North End Road Market has a unique history that brings the community together to purchase fresh goods from across the globe and catch up with their neighbours.

The North End Road Action Group brings together residents, businesses, market traders, local organisations and Hammersmith & Fulham Council with an aim of reviving North End Road as a thriving high street for those near and far to visit and enjoy.

In this series of interviews with the market’s traders and figureheads, we’re uncovering just what makes North End Road Market so special.

Noor Hussain

What would you like to be known for best?
I've been on this road since 2005. I began working in the area – in Cromwell Road – in 1999. You can buy produce from anywhere, but people come to you because they like you, because you introduce them to the shop with a nice smile. It's about being flexible with your customers. Respect people, otherwise, nobody is going to come back to you.

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Gautier Houdebine

What brought you here? I'm close to the boss, Frank. I'm from Normandy. My parents are from Normandy. My dad was very passionate about food in general, and he met Frank because he knew he was a cheese monger and they became friends. At some point, you know, I automatically learned to love good food. So being able to work in London selling cheese that I love. Good idea.

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Richard Lewis

Describe your food? The way I could describe it is with a twist. So, yes, it's Caribbean. And it's authentic. But I've changed a lot of recipes along the way to accommodate other nations. We are getting Chinese customers, Arabs. Africans. The Caribbean taste is still there, but it's the texture and consistency. That’s what it’s all about. The food speaks for itself.

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Fabiano Soares Mendonca

What brought you here? We looked around other areas, but they've got Brazilian butcher's already. We realised that business-wise, Fulham has lots of different kinds of communities plus a very big South American community. That’s perfect for us because we don't only try to sell to Brazilian or South American families, the shop is for everyone.

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Mohammed Noofel

What do you love most about North End Road Market?
The variety. It’s a mixture of a lot of societies and ethnic groups. You see people from all over the world - Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States. North End Road is one of the most important gates to the Southwest of London. It's like a port.

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Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson, Chair of North End Road Action Group

What do you love most about North End Road Market?

The variety and inclusivity of the place. Anyone can shop there – regardless of where you’re from. I like the market’s history too. It’s a part of my heritage. But ultimately, the place is all about people - markets are really social places. And of course, the economic value of the place is great. It’s among the highest quality, cheapest fruit and veg markets in London.

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Souter Bros

Stu Souter, owner of Souter Bros

What do you love most about North End Road Market?
The culture and the characters that come along with it. The diversity of people. The culture behind it. The market’s been standing for so many years. We just want to bring our own little twist to it – something contemporary and upmarket. We bring our own coffee, which we roast. We’ve got one van at the moment, but we wholesale and retail our coffee too.

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