9 April 2021

344-350 Old Brompton Road: The facts on housing and affordability

The development proposal that has been submitted to RBKC for determination has benefitted from substantial consultation with a variety of neighbours, businesses, stakeholders, and resident societies to hear their thoughts and feedback.

As a locally based business we are committed to an open and transparent approach which helps people understand the necessary detail considerations that combine to form the planning application. Here, we set out the facts around the housing that is proposed on this site, particularly as there has been inaccurate information appearing on social media in the past couple of weeks. We hope this is useful in clearly setting out the facts and how the development helps to meet local needs.

To download a PDF of the above please click here

You can see the proposals in detail at ecdcoldbromptonroad.commonplace.is

A comprehensive Affordable Housing Statement is available at ecdcoldbromptonroad.commonplace.is/proposals/affordable-housing

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at info@theearlscourtdevelopmentcompany.com