22 July 2021

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Choir of Man

The ultimate singalong belongs to Choir of Man

The stage backdrop is an unreconstructed pub inhabited by a cast of reasonably unreconstructed men. While this might not immediately fill you with glee, these men also happen to have the voices of angels - as good as any you will hear on stage - and a clever, quick, no-nonsense sense of humour that makes this a must-see, feel-good show.

It is oddly affecting too. Parts are a lament to Covid-loss, and there are gentle soliloquys on the painfully slow death of British pub culture. We saw the show just before so-called Freedom Day actually, really happened, which made it all the more poignant.

This thoughtfulness means the show is not vacuous. But it is the high energy dancing, tapping and strumming in support of a non-stop volley of pop classics that is at its heart.

My absolute favourite number is Escape (otherwise known as That Pina Colada Song), belted out to an audience already very happy to belt it out along with the cast. There is Adele, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queen – something for absolutely everyone.

Songs are interspersed with some truly awful jokes – and others that made us laugh way too loudly for a public space. If you want to come out of a show with spirits lifted and a huge smile on your face this is it.

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360 Allstars

Big beat meets street at London Wonderground.

The 360 Allstars’ next-generation circus was everything we had hoped for. Billed as a supercharged urban show it genuinely stunned the audience with some of the most innovative street-skills and acrobatics you could imagine.

Three time UK champion beatboxer and mouth music specialist Ball-Zee demonstrated his vocal brilliance by breaking down and skilfully recreating extraordinarily complex rhythms with jaw-dropping dexterity.

Internationally acclaimed basketball freestyler Trickster bounced, rolled and balanced an impossible number of balls around the stage - while the show’s MC and DJ dropped the perfect soundtrack to this showcase of street talent and award-winning percussionist Mikey Sorbello pushed the tempo to dizzying heights.

Add in two-time BMX World Champion Flatlander Peter Sore, two brilliant champion break-dancers Bboy Chris and Bboy Daz, and the World Record holding roue cyr artist Josh Curtis, and you get the exhilarating picture.

Aurally exciting. Visually astounding. Don’t miss this unique and refreshing show.

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The Musicals - Grand Finale

As soon as 10-year-old Ramsey Bazzi took to the stage dressed as a blonde-wigged caricature of Boris Johnson, we knew we were in for a pandemic-parting musical romp.

Pitch perfect, the musical theatre group The Earl’s Courtiers created a show to remember at London Wonderground.  

The brainchild of show directors Toby Brown and Kristen Gaetz Riva and produced by Inge Marks, The Musicals saw 70 local children sing and dance into the history books alongside 12 professional actors - becoming the first local theatre group to perform on the site of the famous Earls Court Exhibition Centre. 

Bed bouncing, beer drinking, cross-dressing, rapping and general outrage was the order of the stage, as an inspired line up of West End favourites entertained the capacity audience.

My personal favourites were Master of the House from Les Misérables and Revolting Children from Matilda. But with songs from My Fair Lady, The Jungle Book and others – all accompanied by a wonderful orchestra clearly delighted to be back playing live events - there was every opportunity for good-times laughter. 

And then came the final number: The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman. Years of hard work came together to create a goosebump-making standing ovation that proves local theatre has its place alongside the most expensive shows.