25 March 2022

Masterplanning Workshops – Your opportunity to work with the team and architects shaping the masterplan

In February we started a series of regular workshops where members of the local community had the opportunity to work with us and architects Hawkins Brown and Studio Egret West to inform the new masterplan framework for the Earls Court site.

The first two rounds of workshops in February and March are just the beginning of a longer series that will explore a range of themes. 

Workshop 1: What was the wonder of the Exhibition site?

Our first workshop saw two groups of 30+ meet at the Project Rooms to hear a short presentation and answer two questions:

What was the wonder of the Exhibition Site?
How do we bring back the wonder?

Click here to view the presentation from this workshop.

Workshop 2: The emerging framework

Our second series of workshops were held on 8 and 9 March, where we asked attendees ‘what does success look like?’ and worked with the architects to explore some of the key aspects of the masterplan framework.

Click here to view the presentation from this workshop.

Workshop 3: April 26 and April 27 2022

This workshop will cover how we will live, work and play in the future and how these ideas can be incorporated into the masterplan framework.

If you are interested in joining the workshops we would welcome anyone with an interest in the local area, especially those who are keen to participate in discussions, to express an interest by emailing us on info@earlscourtdevco.com briefly setting out the reason you would like to be involved