Consultation Process

Initial listening exercise

The first phase of engagement began when The Earls Court Development Company (ECDC) was a small team in summer 2020, having acquired the site in December 2019. This phase focused on building a rich picture of the site, the area and the history of the previous owners using internal expertise, those who previously worked on the site, stakeholders and workshops with external organisations such as Wordsearch Place and Mindfolio.

Summer 2021 fun days

Following the early listening exercise, we kicked off our extensive public consultation in summer 2021 with a series of family fun day events that were held on and around the Earls Court site. The three events involved a range of activities being put on for local families and communities, with members of the project team on hand to provide information and encourage attendees to provide feedback via the online survey.

Summary of summer engagement events

We held three events over the summer to gather feedback from the local community on the Earls Court site.


Emerging ‘guiding principles’

The third phase of engagement directly followed the public events of summer 2021 with a focus on stakeholder tours and the emerging ‘guiding principles’ of the development. This feedback was used to guide the development of our four key priorities and a vision for ECDC.

'Emerging guiding principles’ summary report


Our vision for the site – To bring the wonder back to Earls Court

The next phase of consultation took place from December 2021 onwards, involving four in-person events, a webinar and an online survey. At these events, we introduced our vision and four key priorities for the site for the first time.

You can view what we shared at these events here.

During this phase, we launched our masterplanning workshops, which allow people who live and work in the area to take a more detailed look at different aspects of our proposals. The themes we looked at during this phase were:

What was the wonder

The Urban Design Framework

City living, working and playing in 5, 10 and 20 years’ time

Vision for the masterplan feedback summary report


ECDC consultation boards winter 2021

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The initial framework plan

During summer 2022, we shared how the feedback on our vision to ‘bring the Wonder back to Earls Court’ has been incorporated in the evolving plans for the site. We focussed on visiting North End Road Market, local tube stations, West Brompton, Earl’s Court and West Kensington, community events and destinations to speak to hundreds of local people. We also opened our pop-up consultation unit named “Conversation Corner” which is located at 26 Lillie Road, inviting local people drop by and speak to the team about our early plans.

You can read these consultation materials here.

During this phase, we also held masterplanning workshops exploring culture and the masterplan framework in greater detail.

Alongside our existing workshops, we launched a new Public Realm Inclusivity Panel (PRIP), which held its first meeting during this phase. The PRIP consists of representatives from a number of groups from the local area (RBKC and LBHF) including youth groups, disability support groups and older people. The panel is working closely with the design team to ensure the Earls Court masterplan is inclusive to everyone.

Over summer 2022, we also launched the ‘Earls Court Future Programme’. Working with youth engagement specialists 2 – 3 Degrees, the programme is an opportunity for young people to share their ideas for how the local area should develop. The programme also provides access to engaging personal development and employability workshops.

Initial framework plan feedback summary report


ECDC consultation boards summer 2022

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Continuing the conversation

Ahead of the reveal of the masterplan, we reopened Conversation Corner at 26 Lillie Road to talk to local people about the exciting things happening on site, and planned for the future. We also took the opportunity to update people on the feedback received so far.

You can read the material we shared here.

During this phase, we held a masterplanning workshop to look in detail at the theme of architectural quality.

Phase 6 exhibition content

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Our plan to bring the wonder back to Earls Court

We launched our draft masterplan proposals for the site formerly home to the Exhibition Centres, in an exhibition held at Conversation Corner, from 23 February – 27 April 2023. The plans revealed ambitious proposals for the site including early design images and our vision to bring the wonder back to Earls Court. We held hundreds of conversations locally and received thousands of pieces of written feedback. 

Draft Masterplan Proposals

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Draft Masterplan Proposals Feedback Report

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Consultation on updated masterplan and design concepts for phase one

On 15 November 2023 we launched consultation on our updated masterplan, responding to feedback received from the February proposals. This set out:

- The five key moves in response to feedback since the February 2023 consultation
- Design principles for our seven character areas
- Further information on delivering the masterplan including phasing
- Design concepts for phase one

This phase of consultation was open until the end of January 2024. 

Updated Masterplan Proposals

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Revealing our detailed phase one plans

Following consultation on our updated masterplan and phase one design concepts, in March 2024 we revealed our detailed plans for this first phase of development, which we aim to begin building in 2026.

Phase one of the redevelopment of Earls Court includes a significant proportion of green, open space along with 1,000 homes, our first office building and cultural venue.

These first designs underpin the masterplan pillars of an inclusive neighbourhood, innovation, culture and nature, as well as our commitment to net zero.

You can give your feedback here.

Phase One Proposals

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