Earl’s Court soundtracks

Earl’s Court soundtracks launch on Spotify

We have launched a collection of sound tracks we have created to celebrate the unique musical heritage of Earl’s Court.

Available to stream for free on Spotify, the tracks are themed around the following genres:

Local listens

Songs inspired by the local community. Get to know the people of Earl’s Court with this playlist of tracks that spark fond memories of the area from the people who have lived there. Each track was shared with us by someone in the local community who finds the song reminiscent of Earl’s Court.

Heroes of Earl's Court

Songs that may promt nostalgia, whether reminding you of gigs in Earls Court or if you just love the music which ranges from the 1950s through to the noughties. Each track celebrates Earl’s Court’s heritage, showcasing the best of its gigs, and songs that were inspired by the area.


Active in Earl's Court

Going for a run or getting your sweat on? Tune in to our energetic playlist to keep you moving. Every track was either produced in studios, created by an artist signed to a local label or who has performed in venues around the Earl’s Court area.


Relax in Earl's Court

Sit back and relax with this chilled out playlist. These laid-back tracks range from live performances in some of Earl’s Court’s most famous venues, historic and current, to fresh new tracks performed or produced in the area.


West London Venues

This eclectic playlist celebrates the great local venues featuring the work of talented artists who have all performed, at many of West London’s most iconic music venues including legendary spots like the Troubadour, Bush Hall and the 606 Club.


Voices of Brompton Cemetery

Take a stroll through wonderful Brompton Cemetery (or stay on the sofa) and listen to this collection of music inspired by those who now reside there. This playlist celebrates the many talented and creative people who once lived and created nearby, featuring composers and artists from 1856 to 2002, bringing alive (and not in a scary way!) their forgotten names and extraordinary legacies.