Earls Court Sustainable Development Charter

We have set out our Principles for Future Living in a Sustainable Development Charter for Earls Court.

This Charter contains an ambitious vision to deliver innovative buildings and spaces, enhance the environment, and produce economic and social benefits creating long term value for the local area.

It sets out our goals and objectives for three focus areas:

  1. Social value
  2. Economic inclusion
  3. Environmental well-being. 

Each goal has a clear set of metrics and targets that will make explicit how we are performing support continuous improvement, all with the aim of driving the best sustainable outcomes for all. It also establishes the means to improve our performance year-on-year, and provides a mechanism by which those who live, work, and visit Earls Court can assess the extent to which we have delivered on our promise.

Click here to read the full Charter and find out about how we will deliver an exemplary sustainable development.