17 December 2021

Mark Richardson, Chair of North End Road Action Group

What do you love most about North End Road Market?
The variety and inclusivity of the place. Anyone can shop there – regardless of where you’re from. I like the market’s  history too. It’s a part of my heritage. But ultimately, the place is all about people - markets are really social places. And of course, the economic value of the place is great. It’s among the highest quality, cheapest fruit and veg markets in London.”

I am told you are an excellent cook.
I lived in Italy for ten years in my 20s and came back to Fulham with a passion for cooking. I ran a business that sold organic wine and foods. I’m still working with some Italian companies - mostly involved with food and drink.

Who is your favourite person in the area?
I couldn’t choose! There are so many amazing people that work in the market from the traders to the shopkeepers. They are all really lovely people in their own ways.

What can you buy here that you can’t buy anywhere else?
This place will surprise you. There’s lots of organic produce at amazing prices, and some weird and wonderful things in the shops, like dried broad beans, which I use to make a southern Italian dish called fave nette.

What would you like to be known for best?
I am proud of my involvement with the Rose Voucher Scheme from the Alexandra Rose Charity (www.alexandrarose.org.uk). The scheme provides vouchers for fruit and vegetables to low-income families with children to spend in markets. I am also pleased with the North End Road Market Facebook Page and the North End Road Action Group social media.

Where can we find out more about them?
The North End Road Action Group is at