Mohammed Noofel
Mohammed Noofel
17 January 2022

Mohammed Noofel

What do you love most about North End Road Market?
The variety. It’s a mixture of a lot of societies and ethnic groups. You see people from all over the world - Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States. North End Road is one of the most important gates to the Southwest of London. It's like a port.

What's your first memory of the area?
I used to be a customer. In 2008 I used to do my shopping from here. I always worked in the food business, but I didn't have a retail shop. Whenever I needed meat, fruit or  veg, I used to come to this road. Now I am on both sides.

What shops do you own?
We are standing in Jaffa Food House. Number 367 North End Road. We also have Joe & Co next to Subway and the falafel stall.. We used to own Jaffa Bake House which we established in 2014 and sold recently. It has good coffee and you will see the real mixture of the people in the area eating there.

Why do you sell the things you do?
My shops have a very big variety of food from all over the world. Mediterranean, European, some African. When I started here, I had a book, and I started writing down every single item people were asking for. They still come in and ask and I'm still doing this. I just sort out what people need.

Why do it here?
People come to North End Road because it’s a food street. Everyone here comes for the food. It's not a high street with brands and clothing. Food attracts everyone. I try to provide the items people need. And to be honest, this is my secret to success. I have over 5,000 items on the shelves. I have spices that Indian people know. I have Filipino spices. I have Chinese spices. I have Thai spices. I have the essentials - the essentials for each cuisine. I always like source things, I don't stay in the shop and wait for suppliers. I just go myself.

Where do you source from?
There are Cash and Carry's well known to everyone. And a long time ago, I used to live North where there is a massive one. They don't have any customers in London. Just me. I also go to the ethnic shops around London. I go to the shops in Green Lanes and Wood Green where they have a high population of Turkish people. They have a very nice bakery there called the Yasar Halim. I have a sweet tooth so I always go there.

What about for other nationalities?
Sometimes I go to Chinatown in Soho and see what the Chinese people buy. We have a population of Filipino people, mainly in Earl’s Court. I try to provide for them too. There is another shop in Chiswick, near where I live that specialises in Thai food, so I go there and see what they buy, what they sell, what the people are asking for. And I love cooking. So I buy the ingredients for myself as well.

What socials are you on?

How can someone order from you?
Just call 0207 381 4400.