Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis
16 February 2022

Richard Lewis

What’s your name?
Richard Lewis

Which is your shop?
It’s Jamminz Caribbean Take-Away. 379 North End Road.

Describe your food...
The way I could describe it is with a twist. So, yes, it's Caribbean. And it's authentic. But I've changed a lot of recipes along the way to accommodate other nations. We are getting Chinese customers, Arabs. Africans. The Caribbean taste is still there, but it's the texture and consistency. That’s what it’s all about. The food speaks for itself.

How long have you been making it?
I’ve been doing this for my business for three years. But Caribbean cooking? It's my life. I’ve been doing it from the age of 18 – and I'm 45 now. I went to work at the Royal Albert Hall for a bit and that was something totally different. But it's not what I was passionate about. You have to be passionate.

Where do your customers come from?
I’ve got customers from Putney, Wandsworth, Roehampton, Kingston. Two guys came all the way from Camden. I do this thing called ‘Too Good To Go’. It’s an app to rescue leftover meals. They read a review and they jogged all the way. So I realized people are crying out more for it.

Sounds like you want to expand…
I just want to create something different, unique. Every weekend, people say: ‘We're going for pizza or Chinese or Indian’ or: ‘We're going for fish and chips’. No one says: ‘We'll have Caribbean this weekend, it's a Caribbean night’. So that's what I want to push.

What's your plan?
I'm looking to do a partnership. I've had a lot of offers, but my business is straight. There's no corner. And I want to keep it that way. I would like to learn more, but I'll do it slowly instead of jumping in the deep end and lose everything. So I need somebody trustworthy and passionate. I would like it to be a worldwide thing. When you think of it, there's loads of Caribbean shops. In every county, in every city, in every town there is a Caribbean shop. But it's not a platform. It's not front of mind.

What do you love most about North End Road?
The atmosphere. It’s not middle class, it's not high end. It accommodates everyone. It's a good community. It's a nice place.

What is your first memory of the area?
How calm the people were. Compared to other areas that I've lived in. They were welcoming and friendly.

Who is your favourite person in the area?
I don't have a favourite person because I'm a Rasta. I believe in peace, love and harmony.

What would you like to be known for best?
Being humble. I always said to people, I'd rather be poor than rich. Because I'm comfortable. A rich man will never be happy. Money doesn't make you happy. If you're rich, you have to have security, you have to have people watching every move you make. If you're poor. You're poor. You don't have to look behind you. The only thing you're looking for is food. And I make food.

How can someone order?
0208 127 4808.

What socials are you on?