Stu Souter of Souter Bros

Your pitch location?
On the corner of Eustace Road and North End Road, at the southern end of the market.

Where do you call home?
A little village called Selsey Bill on the South Coast. My brother and I were born and raised there.

What were you doing before you opened Souter Bros?
My brother and I are both in the arts. I'm an artist and Daniel is an actor and producer.  We came to London to do that, but decided we wanted to work together and follow our passion in hospitality. We’ve always admired coffee and the magic behind it.

What do you love most about North End Road?
The culture and the characters that come along with it and the diversity of people. The market’s been standing for so many years. We just want to bring our own little twist to it – something contemporary and upmarket.

What is your first memory of the area?
When we first moved here I always used to remember the sheer amount of fruit and veg.

Who is your favourite person in the area?
Everybody is good as gold. We all look after each other and we support each other in any way we can.

What can you buy here that you can't buy anywhere else?
Our specialised coffee.

Why do you sell the things you do?
Because we're passionate about everything that we've ever done. We're both experienced in hospitality and have worked in fine dining and cocktail making. Ever since we started, we've always wanted to give the best product we can for a sensible, reasonable price. And I feel like we've ticked those boxes by roasting our own coffee and selling it, competing against all of the local cafes in the area at the same, familiar price. But we’re also here to expose our brand and what we represent, which is quality.

Who are your main customers?
Everything about the North End Road is built around residential people. Without them we really would be nothing. We're blessed every day to have so many regular customers who support us, enjoy our coffee and think it’s better than most places around. So we're very lucky.

What socials are you on?